Alexander Lynggaard

Alexander Lynggaard is a Copenhagen based jewellery brand founded in 2015 by Alexander Lynggaard. The admiration of jewellery design runs in the blood, as Alexander comes from one of the most well-known and accepted jewellery families in Scandinavia. The jewellery line from his Uncle Ole Lynggaard is known all over the world.

The handcrafted jewellery is inspired by Alexander’s personal observations and experiences over the years, including studying the Mayans at university, traveling in India, and having lived in Copenhagen and Los Angeles. The jewellery design reflects these diverse experiences through its clean Scandinavian look combined with Indian and Mayan spirituality, topped off with a raw Los Angeles attitude.  

Alexander also uses 18K gold, Sterling silver, oxidized Sterling silver, and rhodinated Sterling silver for his jewellery in order to amplify the energies of the gemstones.

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